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Passion Projects

This portfolio is an embodiment of the passions that fuel my creative fire. A testament to my dedication to fostering inclusivity, celebrating diverse cultures, and paying homage to the pivotal narratives that have shaped my own history. Inspired by the beauty of my own multicultural identity, I weave their intricate threads into my work, forging connections between heritage and modernity.

With a heart rooted in activism, my creations serve as dynamic canvases that amplify the voices of the marginalized and challenge societal norms. Through creative  visual design, illustration, and animation, I shed light on the rich heritage of black history, unfurl the banners of feminism, and honor the vibrant LGBTQIA2+ movement. 

From hip-hop legends to cinematic marvels, my art pays homage to the pop icons who have shaped my journey. These icons remind us of the power of inspiration and the profound impact of representation.

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